An Amazing Insight on MILA the Miracle Seed
    by Rudy Jones...

March 16, 2009

In the beginning of my long spiritual journey, I was introduced by my mentor Ralph Mount to the exciting pleasures of Etymology, the studying of the original meaning of words. Since I was a new Christian, Mr. Mount suggested that I get “Young's Concordance.” A few years later, someone gave me “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.” That experience was like being accepted by a major university. Wow! What excitement! Then my new friend Alan Newton, seeing my interest in words, gave me a “Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon,” originally published in 1847. Alan and I became bonded buddies, reading on the same page. “Alan, I believe your persistence has finally paid off.”

Recently I was preparing a study on the words “fulfill” and “fulfilled” as it related to John 1:16, “Of His fullness have we all received.” I found that the Greek word for fullness is the word “pleroo,” Strong’s #4137, and it was translated: “to complete, to fully furnish, to replete, to crown a net full, to make perfect.”

As I have shared with you before, I have been introduced to Lifemax’s nutritional’s product MILA: the all-natural, raw whole food. The entrepreneurial marketing developers (Jim and Sherri Wear) named their product “MILA,” from two Spanish words meaning “Miracle Seed”. When I first heard the history of the mila chia seed, I was reminded of the scriptures in Genesis 1:11-12 and Genesis 1:29; “I have given you the seed of the herb for your food and the fruit tree whose seed is in itself.” I remembered that the word “seed” in Hebrew is “zera,” and that there is a spiritual and physical connotation to “Zera.” The seed zera was identified as having been provided for physical food. When God promised Abraham a Seed, that Seed is the word “Zera.” The word Zera is identified in the genealogy of the Christ and can be traced from Abraham to the son of Judah and Tamar; onto Salmon and Rahab; onto Boaz and Ruth; onto David and Bathsheba; and onto the birth of Christ to the Virgin Mary.

The word “Zera” became more interesting as I realized that spiritual Zera and physical mila represented a complete and perfect, balanced spiritual and physical food. We were designed to function spiritually and physically in order to fulfill our purpose of making the invisible God visible. (I hope you’re able to see my association of these truths: the need to balance the health of our physical body in order to manifest the wholeness of our spiritual Christ man.)

I then decided to pursue this insight back into the Hebrew of the Old Testament. I reached to my “Gesenius Lexicon” to go back to 1500 years before Christ. I found that the “full” and “fullness” words in Hebrew were first mentioned in Genesis 1:22, where the word described the filling of the seas with fish. “Gesenius” reports that the word in Hebrew, Latin, German, French, and Sanskrit all had the same meaning: “The original idea is that of overflowing abundance, to make full, to be fulfilled, to be complete.” The Hebrew form of this word is (hold your breath)... mila!

What? I ask are the chances of Jimbo and Sherry Wear selecting an English word “mila” for their signature product that would exactly match a 3500 year old Hebrew word that precisely describes in God's Word the documented nutritional values of mila. I believe that it goes eons beyond the law of chance.

A connected root form of the word mila is the Hebrew word “Manna,” which means “What is it?” Could it be that MILA is the present day word describing the historic word Manna? I ask you, “What is the possibility of one seed today meeting all the nutritional needs of the human body?” I say 100%. After only two months of our involvement with LifeMax's MILA, we have received dozens of personal testimonials and I am thrilled to report that our friend Mott from Florida, after 30 days of using MILA, experienced a 75 point drop in his cholesterol. I've also heard from Michelle, Lenwood, and Dennis, who all three had severed nerves in their forefingers. After one week of MILA, the feeling in their fingers has been restored.

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