from Richard Hopper...

I was serving in Lake View and working one day a week at the Marion office of the Drug and Alcohol Commission. I got a call from Sue Wiatt at Living Waters in Balsam Grove, NC, asking if I would give the devotional at the retreat which started the next day. She said she was preparing the morning devotional and the Lord told her that I should do it. Although we had been to Living Waters several times, I had never ministered there and it was quite an honor and a challenge. I had no idea what I would talk about. I prayed, “Lord, if it's your idea for me to talk, I trust you to tell me what to say.” I went to lunch, and as I sat eating my fried chicken the Lord began to speak to me and I wrote His words down on the back of a napkin. When I got home, I typed it out on the computer, and the Lord expanded it to its final form.


You work, you play, you grow, you die;
But I AM.

Flowers flourish, wither and die;
But I AM.

The sun rises and sets;
But I AM.

The earth will vanish and pass away;
But I AM.

In Me you are.

The wicked will fall to their own devices,
The wise of this world will drown in their own foolishness;
But in ME you are.

In time you will do,
In time you will go,
In time you will know.

But for now, just be!

Be still, be quiet, be obedient — be mine.

RH  2-14-88

• • •

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