Discover Quantum Health
    by Jon R. Calvin...

April 18, 2009

There is an actual place within you, where the frequencies of life are so precisely tuned and harmonized that time stands still and perfect health exists. Science has identified that place as “Quantum.” It is not a fairy tale — it is a real place. The Christian Bible has called this Quantum Place within man the “Mystery of The Kingdom of Heaven.” It is the place where the Son and God coexist in unified Oneness. Jesus called this place, Father's House and you can only enter into “The Garden of Spirit Oneness” as a consciously awakened Spirit-Person.

Science has developed a computer that communicates interactively with you through quantum therapy technology. It activates and synchronizes the harmonics in your inner Spirit self to restore a healthy atmosphere within your Spirit Life Body. From my own experience, this is a true statement. During numerous sessions I have witnessed quantum therapy bring relief to those suffering ill health by synchronizing their bodies’ frequencies with the harmonics of the Perfect Heart. The cost of quantum therapy is far far less than a doctor visit or hospital stay. Because it is Quantum, the therapy can be accomplished wherever you are located, without the need for personal physical contact. For example, the cell phone technology has advanced to the point where now there are billions of people who each have a personal frequency (their own individual cell phone number) which allows them to communicate with others around the world without physical contact. Likewise, the quantum computer, tuned to the unique frequency of your own heart, can synchronize your body’s harmonics to a healthy state.

You can learn how to consciously activate the health frequencies in your body using absolute scriptural principles. In simple 15 minute daily exercises, you will discover how a holy ‘wholeness’ walk in Spirit of Life can perpetuate the same harmonics created by the quantum computer. This is not a “what God can do for you” — this is what you can do to consciously activate the Life Systems God created for your earth suit body.

Response to “Discover Quantum Health” from Linda Keith...

April 28, 2009

I find this fascinating, to say the least. You are right, WE have the responsibility of taking care of these physical bodies until they are changed. (1st Corinthians)

I ran across a scripture, after I had been diabetic for almost 20 years. It is Psalms 22:17. The whole chapter is prophesying Jesus' crucifixion. In verse 17, He says, “I tell my bones....” When I read that, I thought about all the times that Jesus must have spoken to His flesh body: Like the time that the crowd was going to throw Him over a cliff, and He walked through the crowd, unseen; and the time when He walked through the wall of door of the upper room, and I am sure, MANY times when He was being beaten, and many other times too.

As I thought of that, I thought, IF God has given me HIS FULLNESS, and John 1:16 says that He has, then why can't I speak to my body? I began doing just that. I spoke to my pancreas to produce more insulin (and we should speak to our cells to accept that insulin), but I did this for a little over a year. When I began this practice, I was taking 6 shots a day of insulin; after a year, I was completely off the shots and the pills that deal with diabetes. I was free of diabetes for 3 years and oh so happy. An important thing about speaking to our body, is that we must hold a vision of what this body was like when it was formed. It was perfect. It still is, it is our “vision” that sees it differently, now. I held this vision while speaking to my body.

I made a bad mistake, or was it? I won't go into all the details, but one of my family members was and is going through some things that are sad, and hard to watch. But I allowed my focus to lower, back down to the earthly realm, and all the stress, which is of the earthly realm, brought back all that comes with this realm: sickness and disease. I was near death twice within a month, and now, while I was in the hospital I SAW how it happened. It was the fact that I allowed, and we do have a choice, I allowed my focus to drop. To make a long story short, I was put back on 5 shots. That was in February of 2009. Now, here in April, I am off of two of those shots simply by lifting my focus back where it belongs and the practicing of speaking to my body again. It does work. And I don't think it was a mistake; I think I was shown just how important our focus is. Sometimes we take things for granted and when it works, we sort of let it slip out of our mind. But, I will be back off all of the shots again and this time, my focus will be stayed where it belongs.

God said, “without a vision, my people perish” and that is so true. Holding the same vision of the vision that God has of us, is a MUST. He sees us the way He brought us forth, out of Him. It is US that changed the vision, when our mind wandered away from the only thinking that we knew at that time. His vision. But, holding a vision helps to root up from within us, that belief that is so desperately needed. And taking that dominion that we were given when we were brought forth, that dominion that is to be over THE EARTH, our bodies are His earthen vessels, and we are to have dominion over them. So I encourage everyone to speak to their body, regardless of what is effecting it. Just be patient and stay with it, and watch how your body reacts to your SPOKEN WORD. We are creators because we ARE in His Image. And how did He create? By speaking a WORD and watching it manifest. This isn't a name it and claim it sort of thing. Belief, confidence and KNOWING it is HIS word and it cannot return void AND that we are ONE IN HIM.

If you try it, let me know how it goes with you. I just command my pancreas to function as it was created to function and I command the cells and atoms to accept the insulin that it creates.


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