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Quantum Energetic QXCI Therapy
       by Rudy Jones...

There is an actual place within you, where the frequencies of life are so precisely tuned and harmonized that time stands still and perfect health exists. Science has identified that place as "Quantum." It is not a fairy tale — it is a real place. The Christian Bible has called this Quantum Place within man the Mystery of The Kingdom of Heaven. It is the place where the Son and God coexist in unified Oneness. You can only go there as a conscious confident Spirit-Person. Jesus called this place, Father's House.

Again, science has developed a computer that communicates interactively with you. It activates the harmonics in your inner Spirit self to restore a healthy atmosphere within your Spirit Life body. From my own experience, this is a true statement. Through the benevolence of a friend, I am an experienced and trained technician and have the equipment called the QXCI (Quantum X Consciousness Interface).

If you are suffering ill health from your body being out of sync
with the harmonics of health, contact me.

There is of course a minimal cost for the equipment and my time, but this is far far less than a doctor visit or hospital stay. Because it is Quantum, the therapy can be accomplished wherever you are located, without need for personal physical contact. I can also teach you, using absolute scriptural principles, how to consciously activate the health frequencies in your body. In simple 15 minute daily exercises, you can perpetuate the harmonics created by the QXCI computer, as a holy wholeness walk in Spirit of Life. This is not a “what God can do for you” — this is what you can do to consciously activate the Life Systems He created for your earth suit body.

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