Far Infrared Detox Sauna
    by Dianne...

When the salesman for an expensive far infrared sauna told me that if I positioned my arm in front of a sauna heater, the pain I'd been experiencing would probably go away, I thought he was telling a story. I later learned, after firsthand experience, that my pain did go away.

I found this little Free Book which I thought was very informative: Detox: The Lazy Way to Perfect Health. After reading it, I purchased an article on eBay to learn how to make my own very inexpensive far infrared sauna, went to Lowe's to pick up a refrigerator box, and Rudy and I each purchased three quartz heating lamps from Wal-Mart. Rudy learned that if he used the lamps only 15 minutes a day, he achieved very quick relaxation, and all joint pain disappeared. I too enjoyed similar benefits of sitting in my 'makeshift' sauna, even though it was a bit cramped. I later purchased a little tent-like sauna that used far infrared panels, but because I'm so cold natured, the panels did not get hot enough for me.

I'd shown my sister and her husband my cardboard sauna, and let my brother-in-law borrow my little tent-like sauna. My brother-in-law enjoyed its benefits, researched online, and surprised my sister by placing an order for a 'real' far infrared sauna as an anniversary gift. Because she said that it would be difficult to enjoy her sauna if I didn't have one, she inquired and learned that the company would give me a "buddy" discount because of her husband's order, and were offering free shipping. I couldn't resist — I placed an order.

We were a little nervous about ordering a product this large without seeing it firsthand, but when the units arrived, we were very pleased with the quality of workmanship. We now have enjoyed some of the best sleep we've ever had as this is such a simple way to relax and eliminate stress. Besides TOTALLY ELIMINATING the pain I'd had in my right arm from the long hours on my computer, I noticed a decrease in cellulite, and experienced an overall sense of well-being. This little Free Book explains the process of detoxification and how the far infrared heat rays help remove my pain.

If you would like more information, you can click on the link above to visit the LuxSauna website where we had purchased our saunas, and call their chat line, view videos, or read testimonials from other extremely happy sauna users, who describe their relief from arthritis, stomach aches, high blood pressure, and much more.

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