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Essiplus Herbal Detox Tea
    by Dianne...

While exploring the benefits of detoxifying to remove the environmental pollutants my body's been exposed to, I talked to Elaine Rylin, a woman who had healed herself of cancer through her use of several avenues, one of which was called “Essiplus Herbal Detox Tea.” It's important to understand that its just a simple detox tea, and is in no way considered medical advice.

When my husband and I began drinking the tea, we were pleased to find the taste quite pleasant, and we both have experienced remarkable recoveries after hip replacement and victrectomy surgeries earlier this year. In fact, our surgeon pointed out that the new bone growth we saw in my husband's x-rays looked more like x-rays taken 6 weeks after surgery, but it had only been two weeks since he had performed the hip replacement.

I recently heard that a woman named Tilda had sent the following note of thanks to Elaine to share with others: “We are believers. Sonny started taking the tea at end of March 2008, when doctors suspected lung cancer. In April, he had 5 biopsies, and they could not find a cancer cell on any of the spots that the PET scan said was cancer. He has had severe COPD from anhydrous poisoning in 1994. When he started taking the tea, he was on oxygen day and night. He has not taken oxygen since August, and feels and looks great — many people have commented.” (Tilda Whiteman, Richey, Montana - 12/08)

If you would like additional information, you can contact Elaine directly, but please consider the difference in time zones and place your calls during scheduled times posted below:

Elaine Rylin  1-406-323-2201
Mondays through Thursdays:   8 am - 5 pm,  Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Fridays:   9 am - 12 noon,  Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Saturdays & Sundays:  Closed

Please consider the difference in time zones before placing your calls.

        by Elaine Rylin...

This has been through observation, experiment and feedback from others. I am not a doctor, nor do I consider this medical advice. It is merely the opinions of an old woman:

Attitude is the key to good health. One can negate any good with attitude.

Buoyancy helps one bounce back after betrayals, setbacks and challenges. One does then not get locked into past drama and negativity.

Creativity engages both sides of the brain. To do something creative (make something when there was nothing, i.e. a fun song, a little dance, a different food, a painting or a doodle) at the beginning of the day, will insure that one deals with the day with a full functioning brain instead of the usual half.

Diet is a critical part of healing. The more alive the food is that one eats, the more alive one is. Organic and pesticide-free is the best. “Eat Right for Your Type” is a useful guide book about diet and body chemistry.

Exercise is essential to healing. Sometimes one just needs rest. Sometimes the exercise is specific to an area being healed. Usually all that's required is a little of either or both every day.

Fun is a key to sanity and well being. The energy of joy and laughter is very uplifting to the body and soul on a biochemical and emotional level.

God, Buddha, Nature, Jesus...  A connection to whatever ones spiritual source may be is a vast resource for replenishment and guidance.

Again, this is merely the opinions of an old woman.

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