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Why I Drink Alkaline Ionized Water
    by Dianne Kusztos Wilson...

My husband and I became interested in the quality of water we were drinking back in 2007, after I became concerned about the acidity levels of our bodies, and the possible side effects from the contaminants found in treated water. Dr. Robert Atkins, who is well known for his low carbohydrate diet had written; “Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity.”

I did a lot of internet research and learned that every person has cancer cells in their body, but I also read that those cancer cells can't thrive in an environment where the pH level is alkaline — which is the opposite of acidic. Because our bodies are composed of over 70% water, I thought that one of the simplest ways to achieve a healthy alkaline environment for our bodies would be to drink Alkaline Ionized Water. I read that water that's in an ionized and alkaline form is a very powerful, natural antioxidant. We began to buy bottled ionized water which we thought (on our budget) is expensive. When we discovered we could generate our own alkaline ionized water, we purchased a unit which sits next to our kitchen sink, where we can easily use it to cook our food, or fill our drinking cups and our dog's drinking bowl with alkaline ionized drinking water everyday. We simply press a button (see photo of my old unit), select the level of alkalinity we desire and turn on the faucet. I have the peace of mind KNOWING my water has been filtered and is what I call "freshly ionized." I can actually see little oxygen bubbles that cling to the insides of the glass. Not only does our alkaline ionized water taste good without any additives, but our friends and family have noticed that cups of our ionized coffee and tea taste even better too. My husband's LOST NEARLY 100 POUNDS by doing a little exercising and drinking our ionized water while following MyBaggyPantsDiet and most recently The17DayDiet. And although our puppy will soon be 91 dog years old, our vet is amazed at how healthy he is.

Photo of website for Water Ionizer Authority

I still enjoy reading about the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water, and years later I discovered a woman even more interested in alkaline water than I am. She began building one of the largest resource centers for Alkaline Water Ionizers on the internet a few months after I'd purchased my water ionizer. When I found the huge amount of information on her website, I called to tell her that I'd wished her site had been up online back when I was trying to decide which was the best ionizer to purchase without the big price tag associated with some models I found. Fortunately, she told me that I had purchased one of the best models. She recently told me that the SAME model that I’d purchased had been discontinued, BUT is now being sold using a different name through another company for $200 LESS. If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of drinking ionized water at a reasonable price, call my friend Romi Sink: (866)649-4380 or visit her website: WaterIonizerAuthority. Romi offers info on just about every water ionizer manufactured, plus FREE consultations to help you understand and decide which ionizer best suits your needs and budget. To receive an additional BONUS or DISCOUNT, mention this article you found on our WeQuanta website when you call her.

Are you looking for ways to reverse the aging process? I found info that suggests acidic waste accumulations are the cause of many adult diseases and the very reason for aging — but drinking ionized alkaline water helps to dissolve acid waste. When regular water is ionized, the molecules that normally group in clusters are reduced down to almost half the size, which means the reduced cluster size improves cell and tissue penetration for increasing the delivery of hydration and nutrition to the cells, tissues, and organs of our bodies.

Here are a few alkaline ionized water testimonials...

"I had been having lots of back and knee pain for 4-5 years just walking was a struggle for me, I do mostly natural health practices so I had no diagnosis, just lots of body pain, I mean lots. I woke up to pain and went to bed in pain, struggling to get to sleep. (My brother has Rheumatoid Arthritis so I figure that is probably what I have (my grandpa had it bad.) We got the Genesis unit in early January of 2009, after approximately 3 months one morning I woke up and all my body pain was gone. I was amazed, yet scared to say anything for fear of its return, the second day no pain. It took me a few weeks, to realize it was probably the water I had been drinking. What really cinched it was in May I went to visit my mom for a few days. I did not have my water with me, and within 3 days I could feel some pain coming back. Since then I take my water everywhere I go. I feel this water has also helped my digestion and bowels, and my husband, who has had years of digestive problems, is much better now. I am thankful for having found the wonderful Genesis Ionizer and would suggest it for anyone who wants improved health. Thank You. — Mary Ann R., Dayton, O.

"I am using ionized water for 2 years now and selected the KYK Harmony first which produced the best results at the time of all machines I could test personally. I now own the Genesis (5 plate) for over 6 months and I have to say that this is even better. It especially produces more accurate pH/ORP in situations where the city provides water with a pH of 8.5 already such as in North Dallas, TX (but an ORP of +200 or worse). The Genesis can handle this situation perfectly and not only produces great tasting water, but our health is in very good shape. This is the only water we drink if we can. It also is great to make Ice-Tea (no boiling water needed, just use PH 9.5 Water). We love the machine. Very well built as well, easy to connect." — Peter G., TX.

"My experience stems from a close family member with cancer and a quick education on how cancer cells tend to react to an alkaline environment in the body. I purchased a unit and did a pH test on my wife and I before we started using the new alkaline filtering system. I tested fair and the wife was acidic. We began the use of the alkaline water for drinking, cooking, etc. along with good diet and vitamin supplementation. In approximately two months we retested our pH levels and the wife and I both improved our pH substantially. Unfortunately our family member was diagnosed too late with their cancer for anything to help. But, I have a cat that has cancer and the vet wanted to put her down in February of this year but we needed time to accept his recommendation. We put her on a better diet and began giving her only alkaline water and four months later her strength and appetite is returning along with the reduced swelling of her glands caused by the cancer. Was it the alkaline water??? All I know is my cat is living a fairly normal life four months after her vet’s recommendation to terminate her life. I am not a doctor and have no formal education concerning medical issues. All I know is my body and my family members have seemed to benefit from lots of alkaline water, good eating habits and appropriate vitamin supplements. I will continue to drink healthy for life!" — Randy W., Wisconsin

"I have been drinking Genesis ionized water since October 2008. At that time I weighed 450 lbs and was taking medications for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, cholesterol and other heart-related issues. It is now June 1, 2009 and I have lost 70 lbs, cut my blood pressure medication from 200 mg per day to 50 mg per day, eliminated Glipizide for my diabetes, cut Metformin (diabetes) from 2000 mg per day to 1000 per day and routinely never see a blood sugar finger stick above 130! I have also eliminated or reduced dosage on (3) other medications. In addition to all of the above benefits, I am sleeping better and feel more energized during the day. Most importantly my attitude has improved because I know I'm taking action that is improving my health and allowing me to live much longer than if I would have had I continued on my path. I highly recommend the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer and Water for Life USA." — Jim S., CA

"A friend at work told me about a "Water Ionizer" he bought and was telling me how he was losing weight without dieting. Just drinking the water. He gave me a sample of the water and it tasted pretty good. I asked how much the machine cost and thought it was a little pricey. A couple months later I went to get a haircut. While waiting for my barber I heard him telling the person he was cutting about a "Ionizer" he bought for his wife who had "Arthritis" real bad and how much it was helping her in a very short while. When I got in the chair I asked if it was really helping her that much and he said O YEAH. Then he told me how the water strenghthens the "Immune System" so your body can fight diseases. So I grabbed Manny at work and said I'd like to try a machine as I had some Arthritis in my shoulders and hips. It seemed to be getting worse. In three weeks I noticed the seemed to be lessening. What really amazed me was I had "Vertigo" real bad for almost seven years. In the middle of the second week, I noticed I was stepping out when I walked like I used to. I realized my Vertigo" was gone and it hasn't bothered me since. That alone was worth the cost of the machine. If someone was to try to take my machine from me I think I'd have to kill'em. the machine pays for itself many times over." — Ron R.

Dear KYK, We bought a KYK Harmony from you in January. We love it!!! Our daughter-in-law is expecting a baby. She was diagnosed with pre-clampsia (sp?) on March 21 at about 30 weeks along. Her doctor told her that her kidneys and liver were in trouble. They told her to (sorry if this is a gross thing to say but it is important) collect her urine for 24 hours and bring it in to be tested to see if they needed to take her baby early. She stopped at her alternative health care lady, Cindy, to see what she had to say about the pre-clampsia. Cindy told her she needed to drink a minimum of 80 ounces of 9.0 pH water every day. Well, we rushed our KYK up to their house and hooked it up and she guzzled KYK water from Friday afternoon until Sunday when she started her collection, and then kept guzzling. She took the sample in to them on Monday morning. She found out the results of the test on Wednesday, March 26, and guess what??? Her doctor said, "Your kidneys and liver are doing great." She didn't tell him why, but we all know why — it is the water she drank from your KYK machine that helped her be better. She is continuing to drink her 80+ ounces daily and we're hoping and praying that she can carry this baby to full term with the help of the water. We don't dare bring home the water machine because we want her baby to go to full term. So, we have decided to give them that KYK machine and buy us another one. How good of a price can you give to us for a second purchase? We hope to hear from you soon as we are really missing that great water. We'll probably send you our order and the money this Wednesday if we hear back from you by then. PS. Thank you again so much for making it possible for us to own a KYK Harmony machine. We had someone try to sell us an Enagic for $4000 and we just can't afford that kind of money and besides your machine is superior to theirs. For half the cost of an Enagic we can have one for us and one to help our daughter-in-law." — Dale and Pat R., Utah

"My husband and I are very happy with your machine. We have way more energy. Before we had to take lots of herbs to have energy, spending way more money than we wanted to. Now we feel better. I have celiac disease; the Genesis has helped my colon from being so irritated and swollen. Unbelievably, it has also helped my allergies. My husband also has low blood sugar; amazingly this machine has lessened this problem. It is way more affordable than other machines. This is the best machine for the money." — Renae Webb

"For products I have an analyst mindset and do lots of research of the technology and products. I have been introduced to another product first where I learned about the ionizing technology. I knew already for some time that an alkaline body is a healthy body. I started my internet research and decided to try the water of a $4000 Kangen Water machine as well as the KYK Harmony side by side. I considered both products the best on the market for home use at this time. I purchased test equipment to actually validate the water output. I have to say that I am now convinced after comparing both new machines that the Harmony is the by far superior machine. It produces more precise pH and the actual measured ORP by far exceeds the one of the more expensive unit. The Harmony is adjustable, whereas the other unit has no adjustment capabilities whatsoever. We were taking excellent food supplements for years but immediately after using the water we have seen tremendous additional health benefits. Within 3 days my wife had heavy detox reactions and a 180 degree mood improvement. The coffee tasted so good that other people wanted to purchase the unit just for that. I already released several pounds of weight (along with weight reduction patch) which worked much better with the water. I already know the the decision to buy this unit was one of the best investments I have made in years for ourselves. I am now totally convinced about the Harmony and look very forward to spread the word and recommend it to all my circle of influence." — Peter G., Dallas, TX

"I had read about the importance of pH balancing, and even about a healing resort in Switzerland with natural mountain stream water with a pH of 9 (a little alkaline) that has healed many people of a variety of diseases. I measured the pH of my tap water to be a pH of 6 (slightly acidic), and my reverse-osmosis water to be a pH of 5.5 (more acidic!). I bought my Harmony water ionizer because I was concerned about health problems caused by drinking and cooking with this water. I set it to output with a pH of 9, and my wife and I use it for all drinking and cooking water. I found that I craved this water and drank more water over the day than before because it tasted so good. After a few days, we both noticed that our feces were dark and goopy, but there was no discomfort. This continued for about a month, and then our feces went back to normal. Since the same thing happened to both of us, and the water was the only thing we changed, we knew it was the water that caused this cleansing effect. We were surprised to get this effect since we had both been taking Primal Defense probiotic for several years. We both feel better after having switched to the Harmony water ionizer." — Jeremy, Sacramento, CA

"I purchased my Harmony as a Christmas gift for my husband. I know the health benefits are there but the most noticeable is that the water just tastes so much better than our tap water or water through a "Brita" filter. Another amazing benefit is the effect on my house plants. I save the discharge water and use it to water my plants. My cyclamen, peace lilly, and African violets are all flowering as never before -- they are loaded with blooms. The greenery is healthy and lush. I never expected this result. Anyone with house plants will be thrilled with the side benefit of the alkaline ionized water." — Pamela H., Hawaii.

"Since I haven't been to a doctor in a good while, I decided to go and visit him. I was down 37 pounds and my blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature were well within range. He told me the last time I went to see him to get blood work done and a colonoscopy. I did neither. However, my health has greatly improved no thanks to him. He realized that as well because he mentioned how much weight I have lost. He printed me a couple of papers and was insistent that I get my blood work and a colonoscopy. So, I made an appointment with the "Digestive Specialist" he referred me to. While on the phone, I began to inquire about costs. The girl on the phone told me the procedure had a $1300 price tag attached. I didn't let this phase me even though I knew this would be an out-of-pocket expense for me and also probably did not include the anaesthesiologist fee. I went to the appointment and filled out the paperwork given to me. I sat back down for several minutes until they called me back to the window. The girl there told me that since this is January and they know we haven't made our deductible, I would have to pay up front. I had to inquire about the cost which I found out was $200. This is to see the doctor for a consultation only. Needless to say, I passed. If you do the math here, we are looking at a cost of about $2,000 for a procedure I may not need with no guarantee whatsoever. I really do feel that I don't need the procedure because the several people I have talked to who own a water machine said their colonoscopy had come out clean as a whistle. My doctor told me about colon cancer and said it could be fatal if not caught early. He did not respond when I told him that cancer cannot live in alkalized cells. I am also sure he has had other patients who have bought a machine and he has seen the tremendous results as well. He refuses to talk to me about a machine. When I tell people what the machine will do for them, they refuse to believe me. They tell me we all are going to die someday, etc. Well, if I am going to die someday anyway, why should I spend $2,000 on a medical procedure?? My life isn't worth $2,000 just as many others aren't worth $1500 for a machine they could be sharing with family and friends." — Manny W.

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